Activities For 20 Month Olds

Having trouble finding fun activities for a 20-month-old? Try these simple ideas! These activities will help you keep your little one entertained, while incorporating more active play into your day. Your 20-month-old will thank you, too! Just keep reading to learn more! Listed below are some of my favorite ideas! Enjoy! A few tips to keep your baby busy during his 20-month-old years! Once you’ve mastered these simple activities, you’ll be surprised at how easily your little one will learn to play!

One simple activity for your 20-month-old is to bang pots and pans together. Make sure you use a wooden spoon for this activity, as this will help your child develop his fine motor skills. You can also use a toy to encourage your toddler’s imagination by letting him or her take it into a fort. Make sure to supervise and provide plenty of time for this activity! Also, be sure your 20-month-old has a well-fed, well-rested, and happy!

Depending on your child’s developmental stage, these activities can be a great way to get your child involved in simple household chores. If your child is old enough to handle utensils, consider introducing small bite-size foods. By 20 months, your toddler may be ready for stairs, but make sure you have safety gates in place first. You should also limit milk before bedtime, and instead offer it after dinner or after the last meal

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