Average Indian Wedding Cost 2020

The cost of an Indian wedding is sky high. From Pundit’s fees to Mandah, the bill can easily run into lakhs of rupees. As inflation continues to increase, these expenses are expected to rise further. However, the budget for the average Indian wedding will vary based on the family’s financial status. The poor spend as little as Rs10k on their big day, and the lower-middle class spends about Rs1 lakh to Rs3 lakh.

A designer wedding outfit will cost around Rs. 20,000-80,000. Jewelry is usually expensive, and families tend to spend lavishly on this item. To keep costs low, you can consider renting wedding attire instead of buying it. Additionally, you can wear old wedding jewelry instead of buying a new one. And you can save even more money by wearing artificial or secondhand jewelry. Ultimately, the average Indian wedding cost 2020 will depend on the quality of your wedding and the style of your dress.

Despite these factors, Indian weddings are still very expensive. For a small wedding, you might want to consider a destination wedding. For instance, in Los Angeles, Jessel Taank, a public relations director for HL Group, decided to save up her money for a lavish four-day extravaganza in Mexico. Her lavish wedding plan included a groom arriving on a jet ski, a reception in a cave at Xcaret Park, and more. However, many brides-to-be are still unfamiliar with Indian wedding rituals and costs.

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