Concerning the Consequences of a Drunk Uber Driver.

Over the past few years, Uber has rapidly established itself as a go-to service for many people seeking ridesharing. The app’s ease of use allows you to focus on other matters as your driver whisks you away to your final destination, whether you’re in the airport pick-up line or on your way home from the bar.

It’s more practical to stay warm in the car during the winter holidays than to brave the chilly weather and walk. If you’re at a holiday party or happy hour with friends or coworkers, ordering a car on your phone to securely drive you home after your second White Russian can bring a fantastic sense of confidence. However, what do you do if it seems your driver is intoxicated as well? Take to an experienced Glen Falls pedestrian accident lawyer to discuss your case. 

Is Your Uber Driver Breaking the Law? What to Do

Your Uber driver will get you to the supermarket, your apartment, or your place of business without incident. You hope to have a quick and relaxing drive during which you can think about yourself for a change. It is unlawful for a driver to operate an Uber while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so if you feel unsafe or that your driver is acting strangely, report it. Check that you have completed the following if you have any suspicions that this might be the case:

Determine If The Driver Is Drunk

Realizing your driver may be drunk is a terrifying and unsettling experience. Here are several telltale symptoms your driver might be impaired by drugs or alcohol:

  • Confused, slurred, or slowed speech
  • failing to maintain eye-opening vigilance

Reckless actions while behind the wheel, such as excessive speeding, excessive honking, running red lights, and dangerous swerving in close proximity to the curb or other vehicles odisha discom.

Do you think your motorist ran a red light because they were texting and driving or because they were intoxicated? Either way, you need to stop being careless and get out of the car.

We Care About Your Well-Being

You should get out of the car immediately if you think your driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The official Uber protocol is to get out of the car, phone the police, and then report the event in the app

Keep your cool and establish yourself again if the driver insists they can safely continue driving. Make a 911 call if they don’t listen livechatvalue.

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