Funny Websites That Make You Laugh

If you’re looking for a website that will make you laugh, you’ve probably been to Google’s official page. Google has a number of pranks and other tricks, but the biggest one is the auto-complete feature. Google will automatically come up with funny suggestions based on the words that you type into the search box. These tips and tricks will make your browsing experience more fun, and you’ll get more laughs!

Giphy, for instance, is a GIF search engine that caters to the geekiest audience. The site has funny drawings by Matthew Inman, a guy who has gone by the name of “The Oatmeal.” His wacky illustrations are based on real life situations and even educational subjects, and some of the jokes are so bad that it’s hard to believe they’re funny! BuzzFeed is another popular website that specializes in GIFs.

A few of the most popular funnier websites on Google offer more than just gifs. The Take Me To A Useless Website is an example of early web humor. A site called Take Me To A Useless Website displays a pink button and text and if you click it, you’re taken to one of a million useless websites. These sites will leave you chuckling and smiling for hours! The site also offers a variety of other fun activities to get lost in.

If you want to get slapstick, check out BuzzFeed’s website. You can slap people in the face with the mouse, and it feels strangely satisfying. Another funny website that makes you laugh is Cyanide and Happiness. A new webcomic is posted every day, but be warned: it may contain adult content. A quick search will give you tons of ideas. You’ll want to take advantage of the many websites that make your life a little more fun.

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