How to Permanently Block Apps on Android

If you want to block apps on your Android phone permanently, you have a few options. There are many options available, including setting up parental controls. This way, you can restrict access to certain apps or media, and still enjoy a variety of apps. If you want to block all apps on your Android device, however, you can do so manually by pinning them. This way, you can set up an app restriction that only applies to apps that are downloaded from unknown sources.

For a manual switch to permanently block multiple apps, use Focus mode. This mode does not allow for scheduling of pauses, but can help you block several apps quickly. Alternatively, use the built-in tool called AppBlock to block specific apps. If you don’t want to use the Focus mode, you can install third-party applications like Data Saver. However, these apps can be difficult to install and have limited functionality.

Another option is to use the Google Chrome extension. This extension is designed for desktop usage, but it works on Android devices as well. You can install it in the Chrome Web Store. In addition to installing the Google Chrome extension, you can also use Yandex Browser to block websites. To do this, you need to access the Chrome Web Store and search for “Block Site.” Once you have installed the app, you can now block unwanted websites.



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