Small Bathroom Ideas 2022

There are so many ways to improve a small bathroom. From installing a new skylight to installing floating shelves, there are endless design options. Adding a skylight will let in natural light, while maintaining privacy. Using green floral wallpaper will make the room feel cozy. A small bathroom can be designed with pocket doors, which save space. Elizabeth Cooper emphasized the rich veining in the marble surfaces by painting the cabinet doors a pale blue color. She left some walls unfinished to give the space a soothing, calming effect.

For a modern and stylish bathroom, try mixing and matching the colors and styles in the room. While white and gray are timeless, homeowners will increasingly turn to richer color palettes in 2022. Olive, saffron, and earthy greens are the new hot colors, signaling a trend away from chilly neutrals. Try experimenting with different colors in a guest bathroom, if you’re unsure of how to proceed.

Claw-foot bathtubs are another great option, as they make efficient use of the space. These tubs have plumbing within and a curtain that hangs over them. They also save on surface space and are sleeker than standard washstands. Similarly, adding a frameless shower glass may give you a much wider look to your small bathroom. You can also use shiplap to add texture and class to your walls. Modern wallpapers are also a great choice for bathrooms, as they look elegant and accentuate the overall decor.

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