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The Best Companies to Approach For Sponsorship

If you’re promoting a local sporting event or need sponsorship for your next major conference, the following companies might be good options to approach. They have a broad portfolio of sponsorship opportunities and will be interested in anything you’re offering. Listed below are some of the most popular companies to approach for sponsorship. Find out which one is right for your event or project! Also, read on for some tips on securing corporate sponsorship for your event or conference.

McDonald’s: The fast food chain is a global company that is committed to supporting every type of sport. From local minor hockey teams to international games, McDonald’s is proud to support many types of sporting events. You can also approach Puma, a German sports apparel company that sponsors the Olympics. Its sponsorship opportunities range from sports to philanthropic events. They’ll be happy to give you a free t-shirt or other marketing material, and are often interested in a cause that benefits local communities.

When approaching a corporate sponsor, be sure to talk to the company’s marketing department, not the sales team. This company wants a halo effect on their customer base, and you need to show them how their sponsorship will benefit them. Don’t give your prospect an excuse for saying no, but make sure to call them back promptly. In addition, make sure your sponsorship package is designed with flexibility in mind, as they may not be willing to commit to it duysnews .

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