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Types of Convenience Stores

Convenience products are typically purchased on impulse, habit, or routine, rather than because they are high-quality and a better value. They are generally available in a wide variety of retail outlets and require little or no preparation. These products are often sold in small quantities, and customers often purchase them in bulk. However, there are some differences between convenience products and high-end items. Here are some ways to distinguish between them. A product can be described as convenience if it is easy to use or convenient to purchase.

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Most convenience products are low-priced and require little or no effort to buy. The best examples of these are coffee, ketchup, soap, and candy. Other common types of convenience goods include soda, chewing gum, chocolate, mints, and candy. A convenience store is a small retail location that carries a variety of products that consumers need every day. These items also include lottery tickets, over-the-counter drugs, toiletries, and even magazines and newspapers.

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Limited selection convenience stores are often a few hundred square feet and are associated with oil companies. Although gasoline remains the main profit center, they may also offer a limited grocery selection. Typically, these convenience stores also feature simple foodservice. The main target audience is the gasoline buyer, as the latter tends to be the highest spender. Some stores may even offer extended hours and striped parking. There are many types of convenience stores, but some are better suited for specific purposes.

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