What Search Engine Does Siri Use?

If you are wondering what search engine does Siri use, it is Google. You can also try Bing or Yahoo, but Siri pulls results from both of them. You can expect Siri to give you similar results to Google, but you should be aware that the two engines don’t share the same set of results. Siri is smart enough to search any engine you ask her to use. But how reliable is it? Let’s find out!

While Apple is paying Google billions to make its search engine the default, it could be introducing a new competitor. Scoble, a former Apple employee, has connections in the tech industry and has reported on many of Apple’s products. He teased a new feature coming in Siri along with an AR headset at WWDC 2022. It is likely that the company will make a new search engine for Siri in 2022.

Siri uses speech recognition technology to understand what you’re saying and convert it to text. If you say a word like “game of Thrones” or “melting point of nitrogen,” Siri will automatically find a Wikipedia article that covers the topic. It also performs other tasks like playing music, opening apps, and searching the web. Siri can give you the same results as Google, Wolfram-Alpha, and Bing if you ask it to do filmik.

The relationship between Bing and Siri is similar to that between Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo is the UI for Bing on iPhones, and Siri is a layer on top of Bing. Both search engines pull content from multiple sources, including third-party data providers, but Siri has its own internal algorithm that uses the Bing index. That’s pretty cool, and it’s certainly worth a try.

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