Which Kpop Company Treats Their Idols Well?

Many kpop fans are wondering which kpop company treats their idols very well. While idols are a large part of the Kpop industry, working conditions are often not as good. To find out which companies treat their idols well, read this article! We’ll break down the different types of kpop companies and how they treat their idols. Also, we’ll look at how these companies treat their staff.

One of the Big 4 entertainment companies in Korea, JYP, restricts its idols from dating until they have officially debuted. By doing this, the company feeds into parasocial fantasies that allow fans to construct a fantasy of intimacy with their idols. In addition, K-pop management companies rarely side with their artists in dating scandals, often nullifying their contracts and leaving the artists to apologize to their fans.

Another important factor to consider is the company’s commitment to their idols’ health. BigHit is the largest Korean entertainment company and manages the internationally popular boy group BTS. As an example of how much the company cares about its artists, the group recently took a break from the spotlight. The break came as a welcome reward for all the hard work they’ve put in for years. While some companies care for their idols, others may not.

Apart from the studios, HYBE also has a cafe with a beautiful view of the Han River, a top-class gym, grand-scale studios, and a birch tree garden on the top floor. In fact, HYBE has been giving a tour of their building to Joon Park, g.o.d’s former member. He gave Joon Park a tour around the building and the studios.

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